Linda Kranz

Meet Adri, a Very Special Fish

Only One You by Linda Kranz

Adri and friends


Enjoy every day. Use your imagination. Love with your whole heart. Be sure to compliment at least one person every day. When you do, watch them smile. Play!

MerryMakersAdri is made by MerryMakers, who says:

The lovely book by Linda Kranz inspired our brightly colored fish. It's the perfect toy to remind each and every one of us that "there's only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place."

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What people are saying about Adri…

From a school counselor in Arizona: Well…Adri has made his way into not only kindergarten, but 3rd and 4th grade as well, and he has been welcomed with open arms. Adri has become a ‘flying fish’ as I toss him from student to student to answer my questions, and the kids love catching him!  (You should have seen all the hands going up when I explained what we were going to do with him!)  I used the book to talk about my wish for us to make our school a better place by being friends, following school rules etc., and in general, making the ‘world a better place.’  Adri will be meeting the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th grades next week for the same lesson.

From a librarian in TX: I read Only One You to my students. Sitting next to me in a box I have my Adri puppet. The children often notice the box yet I say when I finish the story I will share a surprise. That’s when Adri makes his appearance. The students clap with delight. He makes the story come alive. And then I read the message on his fins … Thank you, for your wonderful story and puppet … we are enriched by your message!

From a third grade teacher in Reno, NV: We read your book and my students were fascinated by the fact that you painted all those fish rocks. Our entire class painted fish rocks. They were all unique. This showed my students that we are all special in our own way. I have introduced the Adri puppet to my class and they are thrilled when they are student of the week. (Each student will have their time during the course of the year.) Adri sits on their desks for the entire week. Thank you for bringing so much color and a wonderful message to our classroom.

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