Linda Kranz

Photo top: Linda Kranz

Photo right: Enjoying a brief rest and noticing the beauty while hiking in Northern Arizona.

About Linda Kranz, author and illustrator

I was born in Savannah, Georgia. When I was growing up our family moved a lot, we lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Germany, and then we moved to Arizona. My husband and I have lived in Arizona for over four decades. We have two amazing grown children. I worked in the publishing industry for more than three decades.

Things that I love:

A walk in the forest, the way the desert smells after a rain shower, the contagious sound of laughter, kindness, simplicity, creating art, the colors orange and turquoise, words, traveling to new places, leaves in fall colors, thought provoking quotes, a hug from a friend, handwritten letters, conversations with those who inspire me, a warm fire on a snowy winter night, collecting things that read, discovering a new children’s book that speaks to me, reading to students and hoping that they catch the reading bug, visiting with students around the country, pondering what the future will be like, waking up to the possibilities of a new day…

Linda at Coyote Buttes

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