Linda Kranz

Adult Journals by Linda Kranz


Arizona Reflections: A Travel Journal ($16.95)

ISBN 0-87358-801-0 | ISBN-13: 978-0873588010

You don’t have to live in Arizona to fill up the pages in this journal. With plenty of room to write, full color photographs, inspiring quotes and thought starters, writer’s heading off to Europe, Hawaii or even a coast to coast road trip have packed this beautiful journal to capture their memories. With question like: why we wanted to visit this place… why we chose to come here at this time of the year… where we are staying, the view from our window. And more questions: Another place or two that we might want to consider staying next time… and pages to include your own photos or postcards this journal will be pulled from your bookshelf time and time again to reminisce and use as a terrific resource.

Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal ($15.00)

ISBN 1-55561-245-8 | ISBN-13: 978-1555612450

More than a log about doctor visits, this journal will be a treasure to read for your child when he or she is expecting their first child, or when they begin to wonder what life was like for you when you were expecting. Here are a few of the thought starters: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Which seasons I will experience as I carry you. My favorite season of the year. What makes me happy. If someone asked what my prescription for happiness is, I would say … A few mothers I admire. These are a few of the qualities I’ve noticed in them that I want to carry into motherhood. Why I think I’ll be a great mother. The first time I felt you move was ___/___/___. You seem to be the most active during the morning, afternoon, evening or when I lie down for bed. Hiccups. Somersaults and other movements you make. My hopes and wishes for you.





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