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Where I Belong

ISBN-10 1630760668 | ISBN-13: 9781630760663

Maximillian, a curious black and white snake is deciding where he fits in. As he makes his way to Red Mountain he is sidetracked by the happy sounds of a lively group of friends and Marcus’ grandfather as they laugh, test their endurance, appreciate the leadership of a friend then stop and rest to enjoy the beauty around them. Grandfather has noticed Maximillian tagging along and he asks him what his favorite part of the day was, he answers “nothing,” he says he felt left out and he continues on his journey. Knowing where Maximillian is headed, grandfather wisely says “I think what Maximillian really needs is a friend.” In the meantime, Marcus shares that a long time ago he visited Red Mountain and reveals that on Red Mountain his conscience forced him to realize deep down, he did not feel good about the way he was treating others and he returned home. With the help of his grandfather, Marcus changed his way of thinking and he made new friends. Maximillian quickly leaves the unpleasant mountain top. On his way down from Red Mountain he meets two new friends who also didn’t like it up there. Maximillian introduces his friends to everyone and they are all welcomed by the others. New friendships and feelings of acceptance have everyone excited as they head out for a day of fun!

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